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Files & FOlders

Even in a world where everything is increasingly paperless, sometimes there's no substitute for physical records. Folders are an essential part of any business's office supplies list and help prevent clutter from building up on your desk; keeping all of your vital paperwork organized. Tax records, contracts and insurance certificates are easy to access when you file them properly in a filing system, and pocket folders store class materials like syllabi, exam study questions and homework. 

File Folders for Quick and Easy Access

Keep all of your surfaces tidy and clean by using an organized file system for work and home. Create customized color-coded systems with colored file folders or keep it simple with manila files. Reinforced tabs won't rip or tear with frequent handling. Packs with assorted tab positions make it easier to locate specific files in a crowded drawer. Card stock is more resilient for long-term durability.

A Presentation to Remember

Pocket folders keep presentation materials together for current and prospective clients. Laser-cut tabs on internal pockets let you include one or two business cards, so contact info is always close at hand. Plastic folders are reusable and sturdy, so they're ideal for transporting sensitive documents, photographs or schoolwork. Students may opt for clear or colored plastic folders to store and organize assignments term after term, especially if they need to prevent bending and tearing inside of a backpack or locker. Three-hole presentation folders fit into a binder to keep class work and papers organized. Report covers with clear fronts frame eye-catching graphics for an immediate impression.

File Sorters

If you've got a stack of paperwork you regularly reference for big accounts or ongoing projects, keep those files easily accessible on your desk with a file sorter. Mesh sorters look modern and fashionable in any office or home and have several compartments for folders and paperwork. Step file sorters have an angled rack to make tabs easier to read. Desk trays have discreet compartments for folders, fliers, portfolios and brochures.