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Eco friendly stationery suppliers in UAE

GreenOffice brings to you the most Eco friendly stationery in UAE. Along with being Eco friendly, this stationery is easy on the pocket too! Onyx & Green school and office stationery is made from Eco friendly alternatives to plastic and paper that are recyclable or biodegradable. 

Hardcover Journal with eco friendly stone paper and bamboo made pens.

Stone paper notebooks made from recycled construction site debris. Water & tear resistant.

Bright neon gel made highlighter pens made from recyled plastic.

Recycled plastic can be used to create functional and practical everyday stationery.

Bamboo made rule pen stapler spiral notebook made from sugarcane gel highligter pens arrow strips

Paper made using  the world's fastest growing plant - bamboo has the least harmful impact.

Eco friendly recycled newspaper color pencils.

Reuse the tonnes of newspaper discarded everyday to make fun and useful products. 

Green is our way

Little habits lead to big changes. That's the biggest reason we chose to partner with Onyx & Green. Stationery is consumed by the masses in every form, multiple times a day. A pen, paper, scissors are some of the basic that are a part of our routine, so why don't we make a conscious effort to go the green way? 


Onyx & Green’s founder, Danny Fonfeder, has quite the mission statement. Including promises such as “be as fair to your suppliers as you are to your customers,” and “go with your gut,” he’s driven to make Onyx & Green a company with serious values. Danny, however? Not so serious. He approaches his task of creating beautiful and Eco friendly office stationery at reasonable prices with a joyful sense of humor that shines through with every Eco friendly product. By using low-impact, recycled, and biodegradable materials, Onyx & Green is dedicated to contributing to a positive future with every pen and pencil. Onyx & Green aim to lead today’s children into a future where items like writing paper aren’t detrimental to our Earth, but work with the natural processes we’ve been given.

Millions of trees are cut down every year worldwide to make products for a paper-hungry America. This can result in deforestation which may lead to erosion. Onyx & Green helps prevent the loss of more trees by using Eco friendly sugar cane fibers to make their paper products. However, it’s not just forests that benefit from Onyx & Green, it’s also the oceans and landfills. Tons and tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean and into landfills yearly. Onyx & Green helps to relieve some of this mess by recycling plastic to make Eco friendly pens, scissors handles, and other products. Onyx & Green is doing its part to make the world a nicer place in which to live.

​When we replace all our essentials with Eco friendly and biodegradable alternatives, our harmful impact on the planet is reduced bit by bit. 

Each year we purchase more office and school supplies – think pens, pencils, glue, notebooks, and more! But most of that is made from single-use plastic and will never be recycled. With Onyx & Green by Green Office you can shop for school and office supplies made from Eco friendly materials like bamboo, sugarcane, stone, recycled plastic, and more!

Onyx & Green offers a complete range of Eco friendly office and school products made from recycled, natural, and post-consumer materials. By using bamboo, stone, corn starch, sugar cane, and biodegradable fabrics like ramie, jute, and cotton, they’re crafting creative solutions in Eco friendly ways!



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