Recycling: What is all the fuss about?

When you think of recycling, the two words that pop into your mind are paper and plastic, but did you know there are more materials that you can recycle? And keep recycling them everyday?

Let's start from the beginning, do you know what recycling means? When you use a product, from the first use until the last, it is one use cycle. When you create something new from the used product, you recycle. With the amount of options available to consumers everywhere, recycling seems unnecessary. However, the world is in dire need of consistent recycling practices. With more consumables utilized, come greater waste dumps.

The question remains, what can we do, and be consistent in our deed, to break the vicious cycle that we are a part of? The answer is simple, we need to be conscious of the choices we make in consuming,.

With GreenOffice, we aim to present you with options that will expand your choice of stationery and provide you with sustainable products for everyday use. To make a big change, we need to begin with small steps. The Onyx & Green range of school stationery is a way to make sure the young generation grows up knowing the importance of sustainable choices and the impact of our actions on the planet.

Since the time plastic became available for public consumption, only 30% is still in use. Recycling plastic takes 88% less energy than making plastic from raw materials. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times.

Keeping the above in mind, Onyx & Green designed a line of products that are made of recycled plastic and that can be further upcycled too. If this isn't enough to convince you to switch to recycled products, maybe having a look at the beautiful range of stationery might convince you!

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