Onyx & Green's 2 HB pencils made with recycled newspaper with a white eraser included. Write and erase smoothly while recycling waste. Onyx & Green is a world leader and the first brand of its kind to have a full range of school and office products that are made of mostly recycled and natural materials. Their motto is ‘The greener, the better,’ and with over 90 eco-friendly school and office products, they are raising student and parent awareness for protecting the environment. Onyx & Green uses a wide variety of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials in both its products and packaging such as bamboo, stone, sugar cane and corn starch, and biodegradable and natural alternatives like ramie, jute and cotton. This pack of pre-sharpened pencils by Onyx & Green is perfect for any writing use. Every pencil is unique with the casing made from recycled newspaper and its ecofriendly packaging made out of recycled Kraft box.


  • 10 pre-sharpened pencils per package
  • Body made from recycled newspaper
  • Recycled Kraft-free package
  • HB #2 Pencil

Newspaper Pencil with Eraser, HB 2, sharpened, Eco Friendly (1202)

SKU: 1202