This Onyx & Green wireless mouse is a unique addition to any workstation or home office. The mouse runs on 2.4GHz wireless technology and is completely handmade with bamboo. Using bamboo products is beneficial for the environment. No moving parts means wireless mice have less wear and a lower chance of failure. There's no way for dirt to get inside the mouse and interfere with the tracking sensors. Increased tracking resolution means smoother response. Wireless or optical mouse don't require a special surface, such as a mouse pad. To top it off, this bamboo mouse is created using fast growing bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It is known to produce greater biomass and 30% moreoxygen than a hardwood forest of comparable size, while improving watersheds, preventing erosion, restoring soil,providing sweet edible shoots and removing toxins contaminated soil. 	Handmade wireless bamboo computer mouse	2.4 GHZ wireless technology	Recycled and recyclable packaging and biodegradable bioplastic shell	Small USB nano reciever	Compatible with Windows 2000/98/XP/ME/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8

Wireless Mouse, made of Bamboo, 2.4GHz, Battery Operated, Eco Friendly (7600)

SKU: 7600