Use efficient and reliable sticky notes to organize tasks, brainstorm ideas, color-code projects, and much more. The adhesive notes stick to soft and hard surfaces, such as file cabinets and school folders, and the paper units are available in a variety of colors to brighten workspaces and draw attention to tasks and messages. We have an assortment of useful office supplies, including highlighters and note cards to accommodate almost every type of project for the home and work area. 

Consider the different types of sticky notes
Streamline ideas on lined, tear-away pieces of paper to organize tasks and projects throughout the workday. The paper pads are available without lines for writing and drawing on clean spaces. Page markers and sign-here tags quickly and easily direct readers to specific information on business documents and other types of reports and letters. The colorful tags are available in vibrant hues, such as fuschia and orange, to highlight important areas throughout reports and contractual agreements.

Choose sticky notes for specific tasks
Weatherproof notes stick to textured surfaces, like concrete walls, and withstand hot and cold temperatures. The sturdy pieces of paper are water-resistant and stay firmly attached to rough and smooth surfaces through a variety of weather. Use tiny notes inside briefcases and on desk calendars to keep track of daily and weekly assignments. The small paper reminders come in an assortment of colors to easily color-code lunch orders and department memos. Large adhesive notes firmly stick to bulletin boards and other surfaces and make it quick and simple to jot down lists and ideas when in front of groups of people at work or at community centers. 

Are there alternative uses for sticky notes?
Yes. The useful notes securely stick on book pages and mark the spot while you’re away. A variety of paper note sizes allow readers to use different shapes to highlight texts from books and write ideas for future reference without directly writing on pages. Brainstorm ideas for reports, proposals, and other projects on bright and colorful sticky notes to keep ideas organized and on track with assignments.

Where are sticky notes used?
The versatile paper accessories are useful in a variety of personal and professional places, such as school offices, corporate warehouses, classrooms, garages, and home office areas. The papers have long-lasting tackiness to ensure messages and reminders stay securely in place, even if the notes needs repositioning.